Destiny / Expression Numbers

Destiny – Expression 1: Leadership — Pioneer You are independent and individualistic. It represents the risk taker and a pioneering spirit. Self-reliant, confident, and perhaps sometimes overly opinionated, you are … Meer lezen over Destiny / Expression Numbers

“Where my gentleness becomes a strong force” 

Acceptation of myself as a human being. Not something you look for in some corner of the world, don’t get me wrong I like to have my own corner sometimes … Meer lezen over “Where my gentleness becomes a strong force” 

“Capacity of LOVE”

It was not what I was asking from someone, But what they could give from their own capacity. It’s what made me learn about myself through their shadow sides, what … Meer lezen over “Capacity of LOVE”

Best wishes ⇔ 2019

Best wishes for all of you, and I hope 2019 finds to be a blissful year to further express yourself and find many blessings to come with that gift of … Meer lezen over Best wishes ⇔ 2019

Lunteren>>> December 2018

Mijn laatste wandeling van 2018 met een groep bijzondere wandelaars waarmee ik bijzondere dagen heb mee mogen delen, maar ook heel aantal goed heb mogen leren kennen. Maar ook de … Meer lezen over Lunteren>>> December 2018

The mirror of soul connection

Enlightenment can take place when we reconcile with our inner divine light of creation. Through an understanding of being a perfect part of the divine. Not from pretense, fault, promise, … Meer lezen over The mirror of soul connection

How i pay attention ♣

How I pay attention to the world, depend’s if I look through eye’s of love and see what’s right in the world, there I’am the mirror of love. If I … Meer lezen over How i pay attention ♣

Initiation: Transformation Through Birth

The feelings that move you when seeing life lift in the fullest form towards you. When you allow your feelings freely with great sensitivity, without need to explain or control … Meer lezen over Initiation: Transformation Through Birth

Live with Passion and Purpose

“What a Perfect Time for Advancement. This is not about walking around declaring yourself to be the model of perfection and the example of evolutionary excellence. This is about simply … Meer lezen over Live with Passion and Purpose

“When I understand myself, I understand you and from that understanding comes love”

I can understand your fear(s) of being seen and still trust that your not only loving but also more than good enough to be loved for the person you are today because … Meer lezen over “When I understand myself, I understand you and from that understanding comes love”

Lifepath 5 ∴ The Innovator / Adventure

Lifepath Number 5 Levenspad nummer 5 beweegt zich snel in verandering en leer in aanpassingsvermogen. Het is vrij om iets te kiezen, en als het dat niet is, zal het hard … Meer lezen over Lifepath 5 ∴ The Innovator / Adventure

♥ Bedankt!, tot snel!

Beste wandelaars, Binnenkort in aanloop naar het voorjaar kijk ik uit naar een nieuwe planning voor mijn groepen zowel “Energetica I” & “Energetica II” voor de bekende (ervaren) wandelaar maar … Meer lezen over ♥ Bedankt!, tot snel!