“The moment you believe that someone else would hurt you … You do than not realize that the pain your feeling is from not being connected to oneself”

Compassionate, exceptional sensitive, kind

There are few friends in life that make you feel proud to have them as a friend, knowing that they choose there friends wisely. Feeling confident, daring to make a … Meer lezen over Compassionate, exceptional sensitive, kind

℘ Œnergetische Ervaring

Dankbaarheid, mij gezegend voelen na het samenkomen van meer dan 25 groepen vanaf het moment dat ik gestart ben 2 jaar geleden op 6 september 2015, wat toen opende als … Meer lezen over ℘ Œnergetische Ervaring

LIFE, live life…

LIFE, live life… Meet and see your true self through others. Heal your self and others through channeling energy. Feeling the existence of life in your system. Heal, meditate and … Meer lezen over LIFE, live life…