℘ Œnergetische Ervaring

Dankbaarheid, mij gezegend voelen na het samenkomen van meer dan 25 groepen vanaf het moment dat ik gestart ben 2 jaar geleden op 6 september 2015, wat toen opende als … Meer lezen over ℘ Œnergetische Ervaring

The Master Numbers #11 #22 #33 #44

The Master Numbers 

11 : Change the way we connect.

22 : Change the way that we live.

33 : Change the way that we act.

—A simple man, a gentle soul—

I’m person of freedom a compassionate soul. I’m not perfect or more than, just one kind of human being that seems to have a great deal of care and sensitivity … Meer lezen over —A simple man, a gentle soul—

Dragonfly out in the sun

The lessons of acceptance of yourself and others; to find the willingness to go beyond your comfort zone to seek your vision, is not always easy, perhaps you are more comfortable with the good friend and teacher, the compassionate soul.

“Destiny Path 33 — But I am so insecure” —

Bliss 祝福

The things you think are weird, unusual, unacceptable, the things you think you need to hide, are eventually the things that bring you home. ©2017 Eのwin Bekedam     

Blessings we struggle to understand

Having your unique journey and experience through understanding your own gift as having an understanding from who your are meant to be. Trusting your inner voice by recognizing our own … Meer lezen over Blessings we struggle to understand

LIFE, live life…

LIFE, live life… Meet and see your true self through others. Heal your self and others through channeling energy. Feeling the existence of life in your system. Heal, meditate and … Meer lezen over LIFE, live life…