“Where my gentleness becomes a strong force” 

Acceptation of myself as a human being. Not something you look for in some corner of the world, don’t get me wrong I like to have my own corner sometimes to study, read, wonder, transcend, and reflect. Yes, I’m a spiritual teacher but I don’t mean here in a philosophical way. It’s more a way of life, walking my path of consciousness that brings forward the real me. With a unique way of seeing the world, able to bring forward my own strength, not through force or discipline, but with compassion. Claiming my greatness through my sensitivity and understanding clears the way for others.

When able to understand myself, when able to forgive, I’m able to see without identifying with my pain. When able to see myself, without judgment in my own imperfect existence as human, accepting being a perfect part of the divine in my own place in life, where the now could not be otherwise than what is presented. My own truth is reflected in how I experience myself and how the world approaches me. Not truth that is declared by others, or found in books, but truth that is presented without conclusion, that has no need to be more than your own reflection or handshake, that comes from being your own leader. Here my gentleness becomes a strong force within my own being.

I’m living an imperfect live and that’s OK, I’m human and that’s OK, I’m accepting that I’m learning. That gives air and space, it unlocks the imaginative mind, it makes problems simple. Life may not seem simple, but look at that simplified life where problems seem to be obstacles created by the mind. That’s where we transcend, where we leave our past behind.

Edwin  Bekedam 2019