Initiation: Transformation Through Birth

The feelings that move you when seeing life lift in the fullest form towards you. When you allow your feelings freely with great sensitivity, without need to explain or control those feelings from an understanding that you only experience life when can enjoy from the deepest self, where the now could not be otherwise explained from what is. There can only be timeless when life is allowed to speak freely to you.

Who could look at their own fears, and notice that can’t be any enlightenment without allowing darkness to be, then transformation take place. It’s about allowing life to take its fullest form without judgmental self. When there are no complications between your full existence as human being within your own development. Where you are able bring your spiritual being in same place as your martial plain life. Those two could not be separate and should be integrated. To bring forward one’s own full potential that you are given by birth.

It’s a moment where thought is not allowed to control your feelings. When allowing yourself to be in alignment with your higher self. When you can forgive, gratitude takes a new space where you can further explore the most complete unconditional self.

Edwin Bekedam 2018©