Life as a Miracle

Sometimes when things seem be falling apart, things are more likely to fall into place when you don’t expect it. It’s because miracles are the very flow of life.

Tonight my twin daughter gave me a high five showing me in that role of the caring father… like I see myself sitting with two ladies in a supporting role during the Lotto Ladies Tour after a long intense week with the time trail on the last day giving their very best. Both thought they were doing less than they would expect of themselves. Having to give everything they said they had left. The time trail against the clock that reflected that they had done more than just well when the actual time came through.

Sometimes when you are close to succeeding your dreams, goals, change is nearby. Even when it seems further away then ever, feeling anxious, wondering could I have done more. Life is movement, thought is movement, fear is movement, through all movement answers come into quietness when things seem to slow down, that moment of truth. That scared, uncertain place where things are not as simple as a statistic. The very thought is just memory collected by you having an experience. The moment when you connect with the real you, is not the image that you have of yourself. but within the endless creation of  your existence.