“When I understand myself, I understand you and from that understanding comes love”

I can understand your fear(s) of being seen and still trust that your not only loving but also more than good enough to be loved for the person you are today because your not your past, so don’t let it hold back from loving with that kind heart of yours who maybe experience pain, conflict, misunderstanding in trusting that life will be more than yours to grasp with bot hands on. Not only because you deserve it, but it’s your birthright to be the best version of yourself today, without judgment, without labeling, without feeling the pressure of needing to be more than you can give at this very moment. When you feel truly that your loved, then there is silence, no thought and thinker that can come to conclusion when there constant conflict of the image that you projecting from past experience, it’s means that you are claiming on to an image that can not reflecting real you, as you are person your meant to be at this very moment.

©2018 Edwin Bekedam