“I do not know if one has not realised that when one is tied to anything there is corruption. If I am tied to my nationality it is corruption. If I am tied to an ideal it is corruption. Or a dialectical opinion and finding the truth out of that opinion, if I am attached to that as a Socialist, Communist, Left, Right, Centre and all the rest of it, in that there is corruption. So I discover that wherever there is attachment there must be corruption. It is inevitable, it is a law. All that I recognise logically, intellectually, but inwardly I am still – I have a battle with the intellectual conclusion and the fact, I am attached. Intellectual conclusions I can let go, that is fairly easy. But though I have examined the cause of attachment I am still attached because I am frightened to be alone, stand alone. In attachment there is some form of security, and I have no security if I am by myself. And I am frightened to be by myself, stand on my own feet.”

-Jiddu Krishnamurti