The very shape of the 6 resembles and symbolizes “Pregnant with Love”

9Th House – Northern Moon Knot, “Soul Mission”: Teacher of Teachers with a spiritual wisdom beyond one’s years, to share in my own unique way with compassion, joy, responsibility as highly Intuitive, aware of the depth of emotion.

Deep sense of order within “As Truth” Knows all and understands all from my deep inner knowing as “Is Truth”. Leadership as taking a first step to independence as also showing leadership within oneself as one’s own leadership, own truth and value truth as presented by truth“ITSELF”.

The 1St House – Lilith,“By birth given as my greatest gift”: Master of Healing energies, my own channel, healing yourself and others. Able to withdraw valuable information and pull energy to places, situations physical or astral. Through recognition and mastering my own highly energetic attunements as initiations in a process of re-connection.

A strong desire from an inner need to gain a spiritual sense about the world around myself . With an inborn appreciation for nature and the wonders of the world around us with mother earth standing central. Fulfillment that comes with being able to spend time seeking wisdom and having my unique way of sharing wisdom.