The Master Numbers #11 #22 #33 #44

The Master Numbers 

11: Change the way that we connect.

22: Change the way that we live.

33: Change the way that we act.

44: Balance between worlds.


11/2; Hiding within the 2: People pleasing. 

22/4; Hiding within the 4: Survival, stabilizing instability in your environment.

33/6; Hiding within the 6: Getting lost in the needs and responsibility to others.

  44/8; Learning to balance between spiritual and material worlds. Patience through self-discipline, balance in giving and receiving.



  • You have to let the limited idea of who you are die, to be able to see the truth of who you are.

  • Let go of being agreeable, Not disagreeable enough to convince somebody of your truth, but to be disagreeable enough to stay yourself.

  • Never stay where you’re tolerated, GO FOR GOLD: Dare to approach what’s beautiful, what is inspiring to you, even if you fear ridicule or people tell you shouldn’t. Dare to follow your passion, your urgings. Have the courage to feel empowered, to follow your own path.